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What to Bring for Your Newborn Photo Session

Updated: May 12

I understand the importance of capturing those precious early moments with your newborn. To help you prepare for your newborn photo session, here are some essential items to bring along:

Diaper, Feeding supplies, pacifier
What to Bring for Your Newborn Photo Session

1. Diapers and Wipes: Newborns go through a lot of diapers, so be sure to bring plenty of diapers and wipes to keep your baby clean and comfortable during the session. It's always a good idea to bring more than you think you'll need to be prepared for any surprises.

2. Extra Clothes for Baby: Even though baby outfits are available in the studio, it's always a good idea to bring a few extra sets of clothes for your newborn. This includes onesies, sleepers, and any special outfits you want your baby to wear for the photos. Be sure to choose clothes that are soft, comfortable, and easy to put on and take off.

3. Pacifier: A pacifier can be a helpful tool during a newborn photo session to help soothe your baby and keep them calm during the session. If your baby uses a pacifier, be sure to bring it along.

4. Swaddles and Blankets: Swaddling can create adorable and cozy poses for newborn photos. Bring along some soft and stretchy swaddles or blankets that can be used as props or to keep your baby warm and comfortable during the session.

5. Special Props or Keepsakes: If you have any special props or keepsakes that you'd like to incorporate into your newborn photos, such as a family heirloom, a favorite stuffed animal, or a special blanket, be sure to bring them along. These items can add a personal touch to your newborn photos and make them even more meaningful.

6. Feeding Supplies: Newborns often get hungry during photo sessions, so be prepared with bottles, formula or breast milk, and any other feeding supplies that your baby may need. A well-fed baby is more likely to be calm and content during the session.

7. Snacks and Water for Parents: Newborn photo sessions can take some time, so be sure to bring snacks and water for yourself to stay hydrated and energized during the session. It's important for parents to take care of themselves too!

8. Extra Hair and Makeup Essentials for Parents: If parents are planning to be in the photos, it's a good idea to bring extra hair and makeup essentials for touch-ups. This will help parents feel confident and camera-ready during the session.

9. Your Baby's Comfort Items: If your baby has a special lovey, a favorite blanket, or any comfort items that help soothe them, be sure to bring them along to help keep your baby calm and content during the session.

Remember, newborn photo sessions are typically longer and require patience and flexibility. By bringing these essential items, you'll be well-prepared for a successful and enjoyable newborn photo session, and I'll be able to capture those precious moments with your newborn that you'll cherish for a lifetime. Congratulations on your new arrival!

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