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Newborn baby sleeping with floral props

Newborn Photoshoot Guide

Capture the precious moments of your newborn's life with stunning portraits. In this guide, we'll explore different themes, preparation tips, what to expect during the session, posing techniques, and the post-production process.

It is ideal to schedule your newborn session when your baby is between 7-25 days old because they are usually more cooperative and peaceful at this time. However, if your baby arrives early or late, I will try my best to accommodate your needs and schedule.

Our Samples

Kind Words

Highly recommended! Grabe ung way ng paghandle nila kay Baby. Talagang with love and care. Ibang klase ung patience para lang mapatulog si baby and makuhanan sya ng magandang shots. And the results did not disappoint. Super ganda. Talagang trained sila sa newborn shoot.Also, di lang sa studio natatapos ang service nila. Panay ang update regarding sa photos and may freebies pa.Thank you so much Team Baby Kingdom and more power!
We have seemless awesome experience with them. Everything is organize and well explained . Definitely will be availing the services again!


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Choosing a Theme

Classic Elegance

Go for a timeless and sophisticated look with neutral colors and minimalistic props.

Whimsical Wonderland

Create a dreamy atmosphere with floral accents, fairy lights, and ethereal elements.


Embrace the beauty of the outdoors with floral crowns, wooden props, and earthy tones.

Boho Lifestyle
Experience the Beauty of Boho Lifestyle in Your Newborn Photoshoot

What to Expect During the Session


Setting the Scene

Create a cozy and safe environment with soft lighting and calming music.


Poses and Props

The photographer will gently pose the baby and use props to enhance the theme.


Capturing the Moments

Through the lens, the photographer will capture the beauty and innocence of your newborn.

Posing and Styling

Newborn baby sleeping

Showcase the newborn's flexibility by posing them in a curled-up position.

Newborn baby swaddled

Use soft blankets to wrap the baby for cozy and adorable portraits.

Newborn baby sleeping with headband

Add a touch of cuteness with delicate headbands and charming accessories.

Newborn photoshoot essentials

baby diaper

Diapers & wipes

Bring plenty for comfort.



Helps soothe during the session.

water and snacks

Snacks & water

Stay energized.


Extra baby clothes

Soft, cozy onesies are a must. Bring baby's comfort items for a calm session.

feeding bottle

Feeding supplies

Keep baby happy & fed.

hair and make-up

Hair & makeup

Parents, stay camera-ready.. 


Sending the Gallery Link
We will curate the photos for easy selection on your end. The entire gallery is downloadable once paid.


Editing Process

Once you selected your favorite photos for editing. The photographer will enhance the images, adjusting colors, and perfecting details.


Final Portraits

You'll receive the final edited portraits, capturing the beautiful moments of your newborn. You will receive the printed products once the edited output is approved.





family and baby

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Benefits of Booking Baby Kingdom Studio for Newborn Baby Photoshoots at Home
  • Professional Expertise: Our experienced photographers specialize in newborn photography, ensuring high-quality images that capture the essence of your baby's early days.

  • Convenience: Enjoy the convenience of a photoshoot in the comfort of your own home, eliminating the need to travel with a newborn.

  • Customization: Tailor the photoshoot to your preferences, whether you prefer a cozy indoor setup or a natural outdoor setting.

  • Safety First: Rest assured that your baby's safety is our top priority, with photographers trained in newborn handling and safety protocols.

  • Memorable Experience: Create lasting memories with a personalized photoshoot experience that celebrates your baby's uniqueness and your family's love.

Capture the fleeting moments of infancy with a newborn baby photoshoot at home, and let Baby Kingdom Studio turn these moments into timeless treasures.

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