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Maternity Photoshoot Guide

Are you expecting? Capture the beauty of your pregnancy journey with stunning maternity portraits. In this guide, we'll cover everything you need to know to create timeless and memorable images.


Poses and Angles

Experiment with different poses and angles to create a variety of captivating images. Showcase your baby bump in profile, gently cradle your belly, or embrace your partner for a tender moment. Your photographer will guide you to capture the most flattering and intimate shots.

Kind Words

Great experience. Highly recommended! Our experience with Baby Kingdom Studio always exceeded our expectations. From my maternity shoot to our baby's newborn shoot, we really saw their passion, skill, and dedication to their craft. They went out of their way to cater to our needs and preferences as clients, making us feel comfortable all throughout. And of course, the photos speak for themselves. They beautifully captured these precious but short phases of our lives.
Being pregnant for the first time and having my precious baby,we wanted to celebrate it by capturing those special moment and that's the reason why I'm so lucky and grateful that I accidentally found baby kingdom studio through facebook. At 6mos,I booked my maternity session at medyo ng aalangan pa AKO Kasi its my first time to have a professional photoshoot.i trusted her all throughout my session kasi ayaw KO na mg overthink at mstress. No pressure and I'm totally comfortable during my shoot.Aft the final outcome,we were impressed by my husband as they were all amazing..i can feel the passion in her work and were very professional. Without hesitation,I've made my 2nd booking for my baby boy and yet they never fails to disappoint me.they are really good in handling the babies especially on how to swaddle and make poses for the shoot. I can sense the calmness and patience during the session. I will definitely recommemd them to my family and friends and be going back for more in the futu

Choosing the Right Clothes

What you wear can greatly impact the look and feel of your maternity portraits. Opt for fitted outfits that accentuate your bump, or flowy dresses that create a soft and ethereal effect. Choose colors that complement your skin tone and the setting. We have a variety of gowns and fabric drapes available in our studio. 

Pregnant sleeping

Prepping for the Shoot

Preparing for your maternity shoot involves more than just showing up. Get a good rest the night before, drink plenty of water, and moisturize your skin for a healthy and glowing look.


Don't forget to discuss your ideas and preferences with your photographer beforehand to ensure a successful session.

You can also do the following:

  • Bring a water bottle 

  • Bring nipple tape or skin-tone underwear

  • Apply lotion to your arms and legs

  • Have your nails done or make it pretty

  • Have your husband shave your legs a day before the session

  • Inform your photographer if you need hair extension

  • Make sure to relax, trust your photographer, and enjoy the photo session. 

Props and Accessories

Add personal touches to your maternity portraits using props and accessories. Include items that hold sentimental value or symbolize your journey to parenthood. From ultrasound images and baby shoes to blooming flowers and delicate fabrics, these elements can add depth and meaning to your photos.


Editing and Printing

After the shoot, your photographer will curate the unedited files once you paid the selected option and send you the gallery link for you to download and choose the one you want to be edited. Then, the photographer will enhance your maternity portraits to bring out their full potential. Collaborate with them to achieve the desired style and mood for your images. Finally, choose a high-quality printing product to preserve and display your beautiful maternity portraits for years to come.

Ink Jet Printer
Copying Down

Got questions about maternity portraits? We've got answers! Here are some commonly asked questions to help you better understand the process, timeline, pricing, and more. If you don't see your question here, feel free to reach out to us directly!

Ready to Capture Timeless Memories?

Book your maternity portrait session today and create stunning images that will forever cherish this special time in your life.

Capturing Maternal Beauty: Maternity Shoot Packages

Pregnancy is a time of profound beauty and transformation, and our maternity shoot packages are designed to celebrate this journey. With expert photographers and tailored packages, we ensure expectant mothers feel confident and beautiful in their changing bodies. From intimate indoor sessions to picturesque outdoor shoots, we capture the essence of pregnancy, creating timeless memories to cherish forever. Celebrate your maternal glow with us at Baby Kingdom Studio.​

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